Talk to our President

Aretuza Garner

Art Board Advisor-Dance

Founder-Aretuza Ballerina Project

Ademar Rodrigues

Executive Assistant


Ademar will direct you to an of or members regarding referrals or membership info.

Call (407) 508-0519 info@brazilusa.org


Amy Litter | Co-Founder-Honorary President


45 years dedicated to the Brazilian Community in the USA. Brazil America Council Co-Founder and Honorary President


khalid Muneer | Board Advisor

Broker/owner of Jupiter Properties Inc.


Nelson Ramos Jr- Vice President

CEO BoiBrazil Steakhouse



Laiz de A. B Rodrigues|Exec. Director


I will work closely with you to fully understand your specific situation and goals. Our main objective is to value our Culture, Heritage and ease the cultural and Ethical changes.  if you are looking to invest in Brazil we can help, 

Brazil America Council President

Alfredo Scaff Filho-Brazilian Attorrney

International Consulting

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Our Advisory Board

At the Brazil America Council we understand your needs are unique. That is why have developed a comprehensive approach to fulfill our main mission, our members success

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